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The China Program is Blue Marble University’s BA/MS online Chinese language degree program.

In more recent times, China has been the only major economy to maintain growth despite global-financial, trade war and COVID turbulence.  In turn the country has maintained its attractiveness on the international stage, while knowing its language and culture remain high on the list of valuable skills and knowledge for young, adult and professional learners alike. One great way to acquire the skill of Chinese language is through Blue Marble University’s The China Program, a 2-4-year, fully-online, Chinese language master’s degree program. 

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Director and Creator

This is my 20th year in China, and it has started off with a bang, for which I am continually grateful.  It has begun with the completion and approval of my Ph.D. dissertation as part of Blue Marble University’s online Chinese language degree program, The China Program.  The approval of my dissertation project then in turn led to the university graciously offering me the position of director of the program—a collaboration I gratefully and happily accepted.

The Chinese idiom 天作之合 means “a match made in heaven” and is usually reserved for those more romantic collaborations.  Regardless, it is the last character of the idiom, , that offers clues to how best collaborate…..

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