In recent years there has been an increase in online Chinese language learning programs. The maturity of the industry offers an abundance of options, and the increased burden of due diligence to find the best option.

If sifting through the myriad choices wasn’t enough, for the corporate professional there is also the added search criteria of finding the best CORPORATE Chinese learning program.

For the professional facing the maze of programs, knowledge and skills, what is needed is clear.

Yet, even when a straightforward, effective and efficient program is found, it still might feel like this…

With Executive Chinese Learning, it’s only a small leap.

Hi, my name is Alan Abrams.

I have drawn from my

  • two decades as an expatriate and faculty teacher in China
  • lengthy experience as a student and instructor of Chinese
  • Ph.D dissertation on online Chinese learning

to create a corporate Chinese online language training program that breaks straight through the maze of WHAT and HOW to effectively and efficiently become proficient in corporate Chinese– in two years or less.

From my Ph.D dissertation:

“First off, let’s be clear about the primary corporate Chinese training objective

The acquisition of language skills and cultural awareness to effectively communicate and efficiently undertake work processes with cross-cultural counterparts. 

Specifically, acquisition of these language skills: 

Writing and reading for translation and messaging via phone text, social networking and email 

Speaking and listening for in-person, video and conference call conversation… 

…all of which need to be supplemented with other language skills (mainly pronunciation and vocabulary) and cultural awareness (the general and the corporate) … 

…that’s the objective. 

Traditionally, technical language skill and a bit of cultural awareness were deemed adequate for the success of cross-cultural correspondence. Within the social and cultural diversity of the corporate world, effective use of language and culture is diminished if not accompanied by other skills and qualities—soft skills, like communication, and qualities like professionalism. 

Soft skills and professionalism are what I call humanistic skills, and they are integral to corporate language training. 

My program EXECUTIVE CHINESE LANGUAGE… trains technical language skills and cultural understanding while seamlessly enhancing humanistic skills. This technical-humanistic approach comprehensively prepares corporate executives for the diversity of cross-cultural correspondence with China. 

This comprehensive approach bears extra training results as well. Technical skill can get corporate learners certified in internationally recognized Chinese proficiency. Humanistic skill provides the professional foundation for effective cross-cultural collaboration with any country, not just China. For professional training needs, that’s less stones, more birds.” 

Executive Chinese Learning combines online, offline, high-tech and low-tech language learning courses, content, resources and methodologies that provide effective and efficient learning for corporate professionals. Note that not all that is studied and included in each course is mentioned in these course descriptions.

Also note that there will be an expansion of professional skill sets beyond just the technical acquiring of language skill.

Via Chinese cultural study and exploration of practical aspects of its ancient philosophy, professionalism is enhanced in such a way that soft skills of communication, collaboration, leadership, EQ and more all are developed via this program.

This program is offered in collaboration with Blue Marble University’s The China Program, a quality 2-4 year Master’s degree program in Chinese language and culture and which I am director and instructor of.

Executive Chinese Learning utilizes the Blue Marble University’s professional-grade and easy to use online Academic Records Page. Convenient and organized, each enrolled learner gets a private records page where they can conveniently access their curriculum, syllabuses, assignments and assessments.

A bright highlight of the program is the one on one instruction from me for the entirety of the program. I don’t teach per se, because this is a self-learning program. Instead I instruct in a timely manner most commonly through

  • review and assessment of course assignments
  • correct and fine tune language skills tailored to individual needs
  • teach the use of special, tried and tested supplementary learning methods that increase learning efficiency
  • guide learners to avoid adult and virtual learning pitfalls (like over-practicing a skill that wastes time)

In tandem with effectiveness, efficiency is the name of the game. This means not wasting time doing trial and error, getting lost in the learning process or spending too much time on unnecessary or already mastered areas. To avoid these obstacles and get the most out of the program, each learners has an open line of communication with me via email and China’s biggest social networking platform, WeChat.

Tuition for one year of the program is $3,200 USD if payed in one lump sum, or $3,450 USD if payed in installments, see the example image below for specifics of the payment plan (note program starting times are January, September and May of each year):

Interested applicants send me an email at the above address with the subject line of “Executive Chinese Learning Applicant” to begin the application process. The process will begin with sending me examples of your Chinese in audio and text for pre-course language level assessment. All levels are admissible. If everything is ok, then payment information will be give and upon payment all admission and set up materials will be sent.

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