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Welcome to my online portfolio created while completing

Blue Marble University’s online Chinese language degree:

The China Program.

In tandem with China’s increasing global influence and rising language standards for foreign work permits, Blue Marble University has created a 2-4-year virtual learning program for this ancient and increasingly relevant global language.

BA/MS Chinese language degree awarded for proficiency and tailored for the proficient.

The program’s focus is proficiency, not seat time and class hours…completely suitable for beginners, who will attain adequate proficiency for professional use…great for students with some skill level, who can begin customized curriculums tailored by Blue Marble University’s vastly experienced, professional and capable faculty. 

The Fruits of my Academic Work

Since I have been in China since 2002, proficiency in Chinese was not the focus of my degree program.  Instead, after assessing my Chinese skill level as sufficiently proficient, the university crafted a student-directed curriculum.  Throughout the program, along with the continued improvement of my Chinese, my study expanded into the fruits of a substantial body of academic work.

Upon university advice and encouragement I turned one course paper on living in China into a guidebook and published it on Amazon.  Unique to most guidebooks, it is a guide to learning and applying Chinese philosophy for living healthily, happily and harmoniously in China.

To showcase my Chinese proficiency two videos were made.


On top of my WordPress online portfolio creation, required as part of all Blue Marble University degree programs, I also produced a substantial body of academic writing on a variety of China-centric subjects.

In addition to the elevation of my Chinese, cultural expertise and writing and translation ability, is 15+ years of teaching experience. Whether it be in a Chinese university teaching English as a Second Language, or somewhere in southern China and even Vietnam teaching Chinese philosophy, I know my way around a university and further education classroom.

This teaching experience is coupled with ample pedagogic research and application resulting in meaningful findings. One of those findings being recitation for second-language learning.

About Recitation, in English 关于背诵,英文版
About Recitation, in Chinese 关于背诵,中文版

Another major education finding was an innovative teaching methodology created in collaboration during two years of intensive R&D.

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