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The original virtuoso needs to be revived. Humanity has received enough of both the amazing AND nefarious breakthroughs and contributions of the modern virtuosos via their tech, art, science etc. We need less of that these days. Rather, more of the original meaning is required, a meaning which can be understood just by looking at the word virtuoso. Right in plain sight is virtuous. You see, virtuoso came from the Late Latin virtuosus, which simply meant “good, virtuous.” This meaning and usage inspired a rich array of definitions evolving into the Latin virtus, meaning “moral strength, high character, goodness, manliness, valor, bravery, courage (in war), excellence, worth.” So very interesting, so very very telling, and something that is a great bright ray of clarity for the gender confusion that some are experiencing and being taught–the word root of virtus is vir, which means “man.” (reference etymology.com)

In light of the etymology of the word virtuous, virtuoso has become an impressively apt fit for use in translation of traditional Chinese philosophical texts, specifically for the ancient Chinese model of high virtue, humaneness and wisdom, or jun zi (君子).

In contrast to the commonly used translations for this ideal human, (“noble man” or “superior man,”) virtuoso not only accurately conveys the Chinese meaning of this ancient ideal, but it also does two other things. It exposes the unwise and unfortunate isolation of a virtuoso to the realm of the creative arts, crafts, technology and the sciences. It also raises awareness of the increasingly vital position (and lack thereof) of virtue in so many facets of humanity today.

One of the fundamental factors that contribute to the woeful state of modern societies, is the reduction bordering on elimination of the learning and application of virtue by men (and women).  For the “ancients” of China, including demonstrably those of pre-Confucian times, the expression and fulfillment of virtue was part and parcel of propriety, and which was in itself a broad, intricate and exact science.  For those so learned in the science of propriety, who wove it within their every thought, word and action and so developed a mastery of it, they in turn made it, and virtue, into an art-form. Thus, this man or woman, could be called a virtuoso in both the original, and modern, sense of the word.

This site aims to create and offer educational services and content that aid in the development of learners toward becoming holistically sound human beings. That includes instilling respect for the universe, earth, countries, families and teachers that allow and nurture their life until they become wise, knowledgeable, and highly skillful human beings with high moral characters, or virtuosos.


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